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Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog - Day Two - Interview with Lisa Broomfield

I curl up on the sofa, reading, my feet propped up on the ottoman, some scented candles burning.  I look up ... "Oh hi!  Patricia here, still sitting in ..."  I look around quickly ... "Don't tell Aaron, he did a great job cleaning up the place for us, but it still could use a woman's touch.  Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to another member of the Sisterhood, and fellow 'Evernight Volume 2' author, Lisa Broomfield.  Enjoy!"


1.        What made you start writing and which subject matter do you enjoy the most?

As a child, I have always loved to write. Back then, it was normally mysteries and they always starred Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys! I always had an imagination that seemed to take me many different places and even more scenarios. Through the years, I slowly veered away from writing and put it neatly on a shelf. It’s only been these last few years and writing with other people that had a passion with words that spurred and revived my passion for writing.

I enjoy writing fiction the most. It’s easier to let your imagination take over and just take you along for the ride.

2.       Is there anything that you write about that can be controversial?

I currently have a WIP that is a very touchy topic regarding a young woman who is working hard to survive her past of sexual abuse, Behind the Mask. Broaching the subject of any type of abuse is hard and the writer certainly has to tread carefully.

3.       What inspires you to write and how often do you do it?

I am a mother of four and a single parent half of the month so writing time is certainly a rare commodity in my household. I take whatever down time I can, when I can. As for my inspiration, it could be anything. A song, a picture or just a statement; it could be anything and at times it could be at the most opportune times.

4.       If you could only take one book with you for the next year what would it be and why?

I’m going to say something that probably not a lot of people would say—my bible. I am a firm believer that the bible is my roadmap for my daily life.

5.       Is there a particular character of yours that you like more than the rest?

Well that’s a no brainer for me. It’s Dragos Cruentus. He is the epitome of strength and power. I love everything about him that he possesses in my mind. The tattoo’s the potty mouth.
6.       Who is your favorite fictional character and why?
Hmmm, favorite fictional character? I don’t have an all-time person that I favor over the most so perhaps I’ll go with my current read, The Mercenary by Johanna Rae and the character is Daniel Archer. He cracks me up laughing and makes me swoon over and over again. The chemistry that he possesses between himself and Jodie sizzles up the pages. Just absolutely love who he is in the book and love reading him.

7.       What age did you start reading, did you have a favorite childrens book?

As a pre-teen I read the R.L. Stine books. None stuck out in particular, I just loved the edge the book offered.

8.      What's the best part of being an author?

The best part of being an author? Goodness! Hmm. I would have to say that it keeps me from losing my mind in the madness of a busy family. It gives me this amazing outlet to completely run wild with. I can be anyone. I can go anywhere. And the best part? I can do all that without spending one penny. It’s the ultimate escape!

9.       If your current book (published or work in progress) could become a movie who would star in it?

My current WIP that is currently barely started is my A Cruentus Novel: Book 2 Unnamed showcasing Dragos Cruentus. From the moment he was in my head his face was always David Beckham.  So if it ever went to the big screen, David Beckham. It was always something about him that screamed Dragos at me. Albeit, perhaps it was the tattoos or maybe it was that sinful smirk that he just seemed to nail down like I had it envisioned.

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now, writing wise?
I would love to say I envision myself being a bestselling author topping the charts on the New York’s best seller list in five years but in all honesty, I haven’t thought that far ahead. It’s one step at a time, one voice at a time. Now don’t get me wrong, if and when that does happen...I’ll be elated.

Final Thoughts?

Not all writers are famous and I think if you set out in a writing career with the thoughts of “I’m going to be famous” you may disappoint yourself. Not everyone will get lucky like E.L. James or Stephanie Meyer and the list goes on. I’m not saying you won’t but chances are it won’t come overnight. You have to write because that’s what you love to do; because you can’t imagine doing anything else than that. Passion breeds creativity.

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