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Finding Fiction Friday - Jeanette Hornby

This Friday, we have Jeanette Hornby all the way from Australia!  I will let her introduce herself ...

I live in the south west of Western Australia. I’m married with two children, one dog – an old staffie, and one gorgeous grandchild. I have always loved to read and write and studied literature in high school. I started taking my writing seriously about four years ago and began writing lessons. For me, writing and publishing my novels is a dream come true.

Jeanette, talk to us a bit about your journey in writing.  What made you decide to write and eventually to try to publish?

It seems I’ve always written.  As a young girl I used to jot down poems about anything and everything.  This continued on in my teenage years where I progressed to writing short stories.  Later, I began to write novels – all cringe-worthy if I read them now but the writing bug never left me.

Finally, when my children grew up, I decided to pursue my passion and began writing seriously.  I met an author who introduced me to her writing teacher/editor and publisher.  Things progressed from there.

We know what your bio says.  Tell us one thing about yourself that you think might surprise us.

I believe in reincarnation and can remember some of my past lives.

Do you remember what it was like, the feeling you had when you learned your first book was out there in the world?

If truth be known, it was terrifying.  It felt like I was on trial. 

Tell us a bit about your latest book, “Grapevines and Gum Trees”.

Grapevines and Gum Trees, is set in the mid-80s in an historic town not far from where I live.  It is a story of love, change, and acceptance.

My father’s family lived in the town of Yarloop where the story is set and my grandfather had a small vineyard and made his own wine so the area and topic have special meaning for me. 

Also, you may know that Australia’s mining industry has grown and prospered in the last few years. Unfortunately, there are often dire consequences to the expansion of mining and industry.

Yarloop has undergone some tremendous changes since the time of the book’s setting and I wanted to showcase the area as it was. There are some great memories embedded there.

Here’s the blurb:

Isabella Di Rossi's idyllic life on the family vineyard, in the town of Yarloop, is about to change. With sabotage of the grapes, and the unravelling of her parents' secret past, Isabella is also confronted with a handsome stranger.

In possession of an old photograph, Louie McGregor is searching for a father he has never known.
Added to that, is the reappearance of the Di Rossi's mysterious neighbour, Jack Cesario.

As the secrets begin to unfold, and Louie returns to his home, Isabella finds comfort with another. But events are heating up at the Di Rossi vineyard, and Louie's search is far from over.

Will the past be forgiven? Will Isabella make the right choice? And will Louie be accepted for who he is?

If there is one character you’ve written that you would really like people to meet, who would it be and from what book?

I’d have to say ‘Patty Brennan’ from my first novel Heart’s Promise.  The character is loosely based on a childhood friend who passed away a few years ago. Like Patty, my friend’s vibrant personality often masked the tumultuous circumstances of her life. She made life so much more interesting.

What other ideas do you have bouncing around in your head?

I’m currently working on ‘Escape Down Under’. It is a contemporary romance/suspense novel set in Perth/Port Hedland in Western Australia showcasing the glorious country and ever present mining industry.

I also have an idea for another story inspired by a road sign.   It will deal with forgiveness and reconciliation and will be set in country Western Australia.

What about being published and the book industry in general has most surprised you?

Probably, the way people open up to you and tell you their stories.

I notice you feature books from other writers on your web site as well.  What has that experience done for you?

I’ve met some amazing authors and read their interesting books.  It has also driven traffic to my website and blog. 

What other things besides writing do you have going on that keep you busy?

Family, especially now I have a grandchild.  Gardening is hobby that helps clear my head.
I also work with beads and make bookmarks and jewellery items.

To close the interview, I have ten questions for you, plus one.  Here they go!

  1. What is your favorite word? Flibbertigibbet (love the way it sounds)
  2. What is your least favorite word? At the moment - Cheers
  3. What turns you on? Chivalry
  4. What turns you off? Chauvinism
  5. What sound or noise do you love? A Kookaburra’s laugh
  6. What sound or noise do you hate? Loud music (base) when I’m trying to sleep.
  7. What is your favorite curse word? A***hole
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I always wanted to be a singer but can’t sing a tune.
  9. What profession would you not like to do? Politician
  10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? You did great with what you had.
  11. What question have you never been asked, that you wish someone would ask you? What’s it like on the other side?

Jeanette, thanks so much for spending time with us.  Can you let us know where to follow you, and where we can go to purchase your work?

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