Friday, August 16, 2013

Finding Fiction Friday - SPECIAL EDITION - The Realmwalker Prophecy

Today, we have an open date.  But it happens to coincide with some big news for us!  So we are actually going to take this opportunity to give you a special treat at the end of it ...

This week, Patricia and I got the news that our manuscript, The Realmwalker Prophecy: Heart of the Mermaid, has been accepted for publication by XoXo Publishing.  This will be our first stand-alone work, and the first book of The Realmwalker Prophecy series.

This novel follows the story of Rudy MacTavish, an ex-pirate serving under letter of marque in the Royal Navy of the 18th century, and Trish, a mermaid and daughter of her people's king.  They meet when she is sent on a mission to retrieve a certain object from Rudy's ship before the "humans" realize what they have. That meeting sends them on a roller-coaster of a romantic adventure where they must overcome his obligation, her betrothal, her father's prejudice, the continued presence of the pirate captain Remus Stryder, and a treacherous journey to a lost land.

So what will the series be about?  I don't want to give away too many spoilers, but Rudy and Trish's role go far beyond just their own lives.  At least, their lives in this particular world.  There are forces at work in the background of which they are completely unaware.  That's all I'm going to say about it ... for now.

What I will give you is a brief excerpt from Heart of the Mermaid.  Stay tuned for more news about this, and our other related effort we are working on, Tales of the Realms (tentative title), which will be a collection of short stories and poems that fit into the series and stand on their own.  These stories will also give you glimpses into other worlds which we want to explore as the series progresses.  Thank you for your support!

* * *

Commodore Shaw gave Rudy a wan smile as he came down to their boat, which they had finished loading with the supplies Trish had provided. “So, can we be going now, Mr. MacTavish?”
Rudy nodded as he helped to push the boat off the sand and climbed in. The doctor looked him over. “Everything alright, Captain?” Jonathan emphasized the last word, reminding everyone of his impromptu promotion. “Because we are going to need every ship possible to take on the Colossus.”
Rudy turned to the Commodore as he clasped Trish’s chain around his neck. “Sir, the Colossus is not to be taken lightly. That ship is a predator, plain and simple. It dwarfs even the Haven in size and arms. It pounded us into oblivion, and took our best shots without even taking on water. We will definitely need the entire fleet to even have a chance.”
The grizzled old sea dog turned to Rudy, smirking. “That’s why we will have the entire fleet with us. We’ll get you a crew and some proper clothes and boots from the Haven, then you will head over to your ship and follow us out. What is the name of your ship, Captain?”
He looked at the schooner, having no idea what the name of the ship really was. But he knew what he wanted to call it, something that would make sure that Trish would always be with him, at least in spirit.

“It’s the Heart o’ the Mermaid.”

* * *


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