Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quick Hit - Revolution and Why I Love J. J. Abrams' Work

The one new show I am looking forward to seeing this fall is J. J. Abrams' latest effort, Revolution.

(See the trailer here ...

Not only does the trailer look very slick, but I gobble up everything that J. J. Abrams does.  Why?  It's the writing.  The guy just has a knack for storytelling, character development, and dialog.

In case you didn't realize it, here's a list of his writing or directing credits:

Regarding Henry
Forever Young
Gone Fishin'
Joy Ride
Mission: Impossible III
Super 8
Star Trek


All these credits had great characters.  (I didn't even realize he wrote Regarding Henry, which was a great little movie, until I went to IMDB to make sure I didn't miss anything.)  The stories were often complex, mysterious, well-developed, and really made you think.  I don't expect Revolution to be any different.

His vision reinvigorated an icon (Star Trek), brought an American monster movie to life (Cloverfield), and kept us interested in a huge ensemble cast (Lost).  And whatever you might have thought about the much-maligned series finale of Lost, I found it an incredible ending.

So check it out!  It premieres September 17th.

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