Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick Hit - Why oh why do we waste space like this?

Just a quick little rant ... I went to pick up a copy of "The Hunger Games" on Blu-Ray today. We've been waiting for it for a while.  Now when we get movies these days, we usually get the version that includes both the Blu-Ray and DVD versions, so that we can play it on our portable DVD players too.

So ... why does the 4-disc version, the only way to get both versions together, have to come in such a freakishly large box?  I mean look at this thing ...

You know what's in here?  Four discs, not even in a regular disc case, just in a folding cardboard envelope, and a paperweight.  A paperweight???  The rest of the space is filled with a plastic space-filler (I don't know what you call them).

Of course I got it ... I mean we wanted the movie and all ... but still.  What do you think?  Does packaging like this ever frustrate you?

Yes, I know it's a silly post, it's just something that makes me shake my head.

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