Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog II Week 2: Torie N. James

This week I am very happy to be hosting my friend and fellow writer Torie N. James, as she is going to talk about some of the most challenging things about her current work in progress.  Take it away Torie!!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, part Deux, Week Two!

Hmmm. The question this week is “In your upcoming works in progress or new releases, what did you find most challenging to write, or what gave you the most enjoyment accomplishing, aside from finishing the writing?”

I’ve found I’m absolutely horrible at writing fight scenes, so the three separate ones in “Timeless Night” has been mega challenging. I’m a pretty non violent individual (unless chocolate is involved) and so it’s hard for me to get into that mind set. In order to get into them, I’ve come up with this insane mix of listening to death metal, re reading some Dark Hunter novels (SK has some intense fight scenes and it’s always a pleasure to go over them for tips), and this may sound crazy, but not drinking any caffeine at all on those days. Lack of caffeine makes me grumpy. Grumpy makes me angry. Anger puts me in a place that I can easily imagine kicking someone’s ass. Hey, I’m a writer…we’re supposed to be a different breed of cat!

Conversely, the scenes I enjoy working on the most is the dynamic between both my male and female protagonist. I love the build up, the anticipation, the flaws and imperfection in them both. They are polar opposites with a shared past, and it’s interesting to see one who’s literally walked the corridors of time for almost a thousand years versus a modern day woman with no recollection of what they used to be to one another. His world is almost alien to her and she’s NOTHING like her first incarnation…except for the stubbornness. She gives it new meaning.

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  1. Dear Aaron, Dynamite blog! Evocative of your mermaid stories. Also clean and fresh, easy to read.

    Dear Torie, I am one of those women with a martial arts background who can now work up quite a snit and really let loose. In the pre-martial days, I was like you.... Had to have my choco withheld to build up some anger.

    This latest work sounds like a humdinger, really. And a great cover too.