Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog II Week 3: Sherrie Henry

This week's guest is the most awesome Sherrie Henry, who is spending this week talking about her goals for 2013 ... please enjoy her musings ... 

Question for Week 3:
What is one of your goals for the 2013 writing year that you have and why is it important to you? Is this goal a new one or one you are carrying over from 2012 or a previous year?

My major writing goal for 2013 is to gain larger exposure and increase my fan base. I had never thought about becoming a professional writer before, but after the success of my first three short stories and the overwhelming feedback I’ve gotten from my first novel (hopefully to be published soon), I’m actually thinking I might have a talent that can, if not support me, at least help pay the bills while being extremely enjoyable to do.

I had never thought about becoming an author until encouraged by Allison Cassatta, who, unknown to me, showed one of my short stories to a publisher who wanted it. That was about eighteen months ago and since then I have found myself immersed in the writing world. Three short stories published, my first novella in the editing process, my first novel out for submission and yet another novella out for submission as well. My goal is to continue to write, cultivate my fan base, tell my stories that have for too long been trapped in my mind. Two thousand thirteen is going to be my year, my year to shine. This will be my first year I focus almost entirely on writing as time and the real world permit.

I know I have great stories within me; some are guilty pleasures, some come with a message, but all are (I hope) entertaining and page-turning. I would like to top myself; increasing the complexities of my stories, adding intricate sub-plots to the main storyline. I want to perfect my craft, become the author I know I can be. Maybe I have the next great American novel in me.

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