Friday, March 15, 2013

Finding Fiction Friday

With all the e-book saturation in the market today, it can definitely be difficult to sift through the chaff and discover new authors.  That's why, starting next week (March 22), I'll be doing a new weekly feature here which we playfully call "Finding Fiction Friday".  It's my mission to introduce you to other authors, some new, some perhaps not so new, that you might not have otherwise heard about.  I'll be hosting authors I've "met" during my online experiences and asking them about what makes them and their stories tick.

Check back here next week as my first guest, Ashley Nemer, visits to talk about her fledgling writing career and the "Blood" series.  I hope you will join us every Friday as I try to help you find new fiction!


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  1. What an awesome opportunity you're putting together! Wow! I'll be sure to tune in and help spread the word!