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Finding Fiction Friday - Sun Chara

Today's Finding Fiction Friday features the positively glowing Sun Chara, HarperImpulse author of contemporary romance!  Please welcome her ... 

Sun Chara, a multi-published, JABBIC winner Manhattan Millionaire's Cinderella, keys sexy, hip 'n fun contemporary romance, high adventure historical romance, and any genre that knocks at her imagination. Globetrotting for lore while keeping tabs on Hollywood leads...she loves the challenge of creating stories for book and screen. Designer frappuccinos with whipping cream and sprinkles on top make everyday a celebration! - See more at HarperImpulse

Sun, when did you first think about writing for publication and how did it all come about? 

I think it all began when I was in 12th grade and got the only A in English Creative Writing. I’d also been reading Harlequin Romances/Presents for years (under the covers with flashlight LOL!) and so enjoyed them that I thought maybe I could… and so I started on this crazy, exciting writer’s journey penning stories of love, adventure, intrigue!

Tell us one thing about yourself that you think might surprise us.

I’m tougher than I look. :)  I’m about 4’11’’ and sometimes people forget that the strongest and best things come in small packs! Ho! Ho! Ho! Watch out world…I’m globetrotting via cyberspace with books in tow! :)

First, tell us about your book “Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella”.

Ooh, I love this book! The characters are so cool! Cade is an alpha male set against matrimony, but to save his global corporation, he has to get muzzled…er…hitched. Nina the mouse that turned sexy vixen definitely will not be a notch on this stud’s belt, but he makes her an offer she can’t refuse—the much needed funds to find her missing father, a former employee of Cade’s Corp. The plot thickens, she skips out on him, and sparks fly all the way to the mountain shack where Cade is determined Nina, in Cinderella mode, will repay every penny with interest…his way, his time, his pleasure.  But of course, nothing is, as it seems… It’s a sexy, hip ‘n fun story!

You also have a novella out, “All Wrapped Up in You”.  Give us some insight into the protagonist of the story, Ellie.

When Ellie hooked up with 'Prince Charming', world-renown neurosurgeon, Peter Medeci, she thought her dreams had come true.  But the demands of being the model wife to his career triggers a mutiny within her; she ditches the 'royal' life until he sees her as more than his bedroom playmate.

You’ve called yourself a “globetrotter” and said that you try to bring those experiences forth in your writing.  Where have you been that you would most like to be a setting for one of your stories? 

I’ve been across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Cyprus, Greece, France/Paris, Barbados, Bermuda, England…love London and the Brits! Eventually, I’d like to have a story set in each of these places…and other hot spots of the world.

If there is one character you’ve written or are writing that you would really like people to meet, who would it be and why? 

I think people will fall in love with Cade and Nina in Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella. As one reviewer put it: ‘Cade and Nina will leave you breathless.’

What about being published with HarperImpulse and the book industry in general has most surprised you? 

I looove the Harper Impulse team! I really do believe we’re in a romance revolution to take over the world! Yay!!! What surprised me most is that as more pubs go digital first, the author has to do an enormous amount of promotion for a book’s success…both challenging and exciting!

Is there someone you can point to as being your biggest encouragement in moving forward with writing? 

What gave me a major boost of confidence and validated my writing aspirations was a contest judge. I’d entered the national RWA Golden Heart contest several years ago, with a manuscript now titled: Recluse Millionaire, Reluctant Bride, and the judge took time to write this on her score sheet: “Writing is terrific…when I judge one this good…I’ve been judging the Golden Heart and the Rita for nearly 20 years…this is one of the best I have judged.”  Flora Styre, #1310/RWA Charter Member

What do you have cooking next?

So much is bubbling over, kitchen…er…my office is a mess. :) The Price of Passion is in lovely Charlotte’s inbox, a third book is in the works for July which is an offshoot of All Wrapped Up in You, am jazzed about the RWA Conference in July in San Antonio, Texas where I’ll get to meet the fabulous HI authors, Lynn Marie Hulsman and Lynn Montagano Zeuthen.  After that or hopefully before, I have to check up on a western historical romance, Gamblin’ Lady that was supposed to be out from another pub, a couple of regency type novellas to finish before Christmas…and then, I have a story set on Barbados…ooh, so exciting this pub biz! Oh, and did I say Promos?! :)

To close the interview, I have ten questions for you, plus one.  Here they go!

  1. What is your favorite word?  Love
  2. What is your least favorite word?  Hate
  3. What turns you on?  Laughter ‘n good times
  4. What turns you off? Rudeness
  5. What sound or noise do you love? Ocean waves
  6. What sound or noise do you hate? Hgh-pitched whining 
  7. What is your favorite curse word? Don’t have one…thumbs down on profanity all the way
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Acting/filmmaking…and not attempting, am doing
  9. What profession would you not like to do? Selling shoes
  10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? Heaven does exist, and ‘Welcome home, My child.’
  11. What question have you never been asked, that you wish someone would ask you? How did you make your first million? (Am still working on the million tho :) )

Sun, thanks so much for spending time with us.  Can you let us know where to follow you, and where we can go to purchase your books?

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