Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dark Dreams ... Excerpt #5

One last excerpt from our entry into the Harlequin 2012 So You Think You Can Write contest, Children of Sheol: Dark Dreams, by Dawn Treadway and Aaron Speca.  If you enjoy this, then go to the link at the end of the excerpt, read the entire first chapter, and give us a vote!  Every day from today through October 11th!  There are still 2 days of voting left!  If you want to get a chance to read the entire book, then we need to make it to the next round!


 Leaving her eyes closed for a few seconds, she felt the soft sheets beneath her bare body, and heard only the near silence of the early morning breeze.  But she could also feel his body against her, his powerful presence and masculine smell permeated her very being.  She shifted involuntarily against him as her hand went to his hips (still clothed?!) and sighed deeply.
She looked up, and he was already awake and gazing at her.  She had a sudden vision of their encounter and was struck with self-consciousness.  The reality of her situation invaded the fantasy, and she blushed beet red, looking away.  Deviant sexual behavior is so not like me.  But that sure as hell didn’t feel deviant!  She shook her head.  What the hell had she been thinking, she barely knew this man.  And yet she lay there cozied up and secure in his body.  He was sex on a stick; it oozed out of him, the way his massive arms unavoidably flexed whenever he shifted.  It was only one of the highlights of his impeccable body.  The arrogant smile he gave, which always accompanied the soft dark sexually charged laugh, raised her ire. 
“What is it Kitten?”  She jumped slightly; his deep sexy voice startled her. 
She could have screamed.  She could have lashed out at him.  She could have gotten up, demanded some clothes and gotten the hell out of there.  Maybe she should have done any one of those things.  But after everything that had happened … “I was reflecting on the absurdity of the situation.  I could be crippled by fear, ashamed at myself or throw my hands in the air and confess that I’m just not in Kansas anymore. I guess that’s what I’ve decided to do.”  Again she chuckled at her own humor.
“I don’t understand, what does this day have to do with a Middle American state?” 
God, has he never even seen “Wizard of Oz”?  Where was he from anyway?  “Never mind, I have a really strange habit of making myself laugh when things are too … overwhelming.” 
“I understand you feel undone.  But, I believe I have discovered a way to calm you a little.  Shall I apply my findings again?”  He flashed another wicked grin.
“No!” God no, she thought, even though her protest came a little more sharply than she intended. “Please keep your findings to yourself for a while.  I have never done anything like that before.  I am a little humiliated with my actions.  What I’m trying to say is I should have stopped that from happening and I didn’t and I’m not sure why.  Okay, I am going to shut up now.” And her face turned bright red again as she managed to dam up the words that came tumbling out of her mouth faster than she could think about them.  He continued smiling wickedly at her.  “What, why are you grinning at me like a cat with a mouse trapped under its paw?” 
“You do realize, my Kitten that you said, ‘for a while’ don’t you.  You asked that I keep my so-called ‘findings’ to myself ‘for a while’,” he stated with a big sardonic grin.
“Oh, well that’s not what I meant,” she choked out, as if she didn’t even believe it herself.  Weak, Jade, truly weak.  “Anyway, now that I’m not being ripped apart by monsters, or smeared with blood; which reminds me I would really like a shower; or molested, I have a whole lot of questions for you.”
“First of all, ‘molested’ implies you did not consent and I’m pretty sure I remember every stroke, moan and wiggle, and Kitten, you heartily consented; and second, we can take a shower any time you wish.”
“Okay, molested may have been the wrong word, and I did not mean take a shower together.  Arrogance isn’t going to get you anywhere.”
“On the contrary, I think it already has.”  He arched his brow.


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