Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Sisterhood is Coming ...

"Ow!  Damn it!"

I come out of the other room rubbing my head, the sound of crashing behind me, and look up.

"Oh, hi there!"  I look around at the mess in the room and rub the back of my neck.  "Yeah, I know, this place is a mess.  I've got to get it cleaned up before the ladies get here."  I see you look at me quizzically.  "Yeah you probably don't know.  See for some reason I agreed to turn over this space to my writing partner, Patricia Laffoon, and a bunch of her friends for a bit.  But I didn't realize how much of a disaster this place was.  Can't have the women seeing it like this ..."

I walk over to pick up some dirty clothes and toss them in a nearby laundry basket.  "Who?  Oh, they call themselves the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog.  They'll be here starting on Halloween for four weeks.  Every Wednesday."  I pick up the laundry basket and look back up at you.  "I think you'll enjoy it, they'll be talking about why they write, their favorite books and characters, even about their hobbies.  Well, I'd better get back to it.  There's still a lot of chores to do ..."

I walk over to the door and look back over my shoulder ... "And ... make sure you don't tell Patricia about the state this place is in?  Please?"


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog is coming here for four weeks, every Wednesday starting October 31st!  Don't miss it!  And so you can make sure to catch them all on their various blogs and pages, here are where you will find all the posts during that month:

Amy Kessler 

Ashley Nemer

Patricia Laffoon
(right here!!!)

Johanna Rae

L. S. Broomfield

Sherrie Henry

Stacy Moran

Torie James

Tracey Steinbach