Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop -- Rudy and Trish's First Winter

The Junkanoo celebration was winding down, the hour was late and she was full and relaxed. She could see far off in the distance the outline of the home that Rudy had built for her, and she smiled at their life together as he stood taking her hand in his.

The waves brushed against their bare feet as they walked along. "Did you have a good time my love? You seemed quite taken with one of the dancers, Kimi I think is her name." Trish hip bumped him in jest. "Maybe I should learn the finer points of the Kumina."

He smiled as they strolled slowly along the beach. Trish wrapped her arms around the crook of his and leaned her head into his shoulder. It was December here in the southern Caribbean, but of course it was still balmy with a warm breeze coming off the water. Life had calmed down greatly in the weeks since they had gotten back from their adventures in the ruins of Atlantis. Now they were married, and bonded, and he had never experienced anything like this in his life. Just a few short months ago, he had no idea that mermaids even existed ... now he had one in his life that he could not live without.

"You know, love, there will never be anyone in my life but you. My life started the day we met." She squeezed him tighter, and then lifted her head.

"What's that?" she asked, looking at some flickering in the distance. As they crested the dune, they saw a roaring bonfire with a blanket laid out near it. Rudy had decided to surprise her while they were at the celebration, having a couple of friends set up this scene just for them.

It’s just like him to think of something like this, she mused.  She was about to tell him that hers began also when she met him, a smile playing across her relaxed features. She slid her fingers down his muscled arm intertwining her slender fingers with his. "What have you been up to?" She cried in excitement instead, all the long pulling him with a gentle plea across the sugar white sands of their beach. It had become so when Rudy had built them a home from the beginnings of her shack. Trish long ago had made a sort of unwritten law; unless invited this side of the island was off limits. This provided them the privacy the newly mated couple needed.

The sparks from the driftwood looked like so many thousands of fireflies floating on the breeze.  A burst of laughter left her lips as he scooped her up in a cradle carry swinging her around his lips sealing and trapping her giggles. Giggles that quickly turned to soft moans. Her feet magically found their way to the ground again, his hands gently cupping her upturned face.

Rudy lowered her slowly to the ground, lost in her embrace. His hands slid down her back and he laid her gently onto the large blanket that had been placed near the bonfire. The two men he had trusted to set this up for him had done exactly as he asked. Her hair fell around her as she sighed and he hovered over her, his eyes tracing her body as his hand slid up her thigh under her sarong. "I love you, Trish. I will always love you and come for you, til the stars burn no more." Her arms went around his neck and she pulled him down, her leg wrapping around his waist.

Her fingers threaded through the silky strands of his hair lifting her lips to his, she whispered in a near prayer, "You, my light, my touchstone my other half, without you there is no me." Her lips sealed over his, tilting his head just so. Tongues slowly stroked over each other testing, teasing, pleasing till they broke apart needing sweet oxygen, but that didn't stop the exploration of seeking hands. She kept her gaze locked with his while her hands caressed every available inch of exposed skin she could reach. She had untucked his natural cotton shirt in her haste to feel the smooth texture of his sun-bronzed skin. She raked her nails in a light caress up and down his washboard abdomen raising a host of tiny goosebumps in her wake. His lips nipped at her collarbone then trailed a heated path lower. She arched her throat with a soft yet meaningful groan giving him better access. With one hand his fingers nimbly untied the bandeau knot at the center of her breast and the same style knot at her hip that held her sarong …


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