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First, let me say welcome and thank you for coming by!  My name is Aaron Speca, and I am, in a way, an accidental author.  If you want to read THAT story, you can check out the blog posts listed below, but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about me and the people I write with.

Introducing Me (Part 1)

Introducing Me (Part 2)

Introducing Me (Part 3)

I'm married with three children, living the dream in Virginia Beach.  I actually have a full-time job that I really enjoy, and my wife has just started her own catering/bakery business.

(Shameless plug:  They do accept mail orders and the brownies are amazing, you can check them out here:  The Tea Spot Catering)

My oldest and youngest are both black belts in Tae Kwon Do and we typically spend three or four evenings a week at the dojang.  The oldest is also a part-time instructor and volunteers once a week at the Virginia Aquarium.

Middle daughter is a soccer player on the travel team, playing just about every position at one time or another.  This year they will be travelling to Richmond, Williamsburg, Chesterfield, Chesapeake, Raleigh (NC), and maybe even a tournament in Orlando!  She is also a dancer, and this will be her sixth and final year at Old Donation Center School of Dance, a public school program that she attends one day a week.

And of course, there are my writing partners.  First is Patricia Laffoon.  Patricia is a self-admitted landlocked mermaid, living in Kentucky by a lake, the largest body of water she could find.  Patricia and I have been writing together for over three years, and we have just started The Realmwalker Prophecy series.  She's very shy, so you might not hear from her much (but I'm always trying to get her out of her shell!).  You can read more about her here:

Introducing Patricia Laffoon

Dawn and I as we meet face-to-face ... finally!
My other writing partner is Dawn Treadway. Dawn is a California girl, and she approached me first about editing a novel she had drafted.  That grew into a partnership, as we pushed and pulled that work until we felt it was ready for submission.  She's the lead on the Progeny of Sin series, which has just been accepted for publication with Harper Impulse!  Dawn loves to travel, and she does so a lot.  She always has a fun story to tell about her adventures.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support that is out there for "little authors" like us, in the form of a community of people that just want to write, write well, and get their work out for you, dear readers.  As such, I am very much a proponent of the "pay it forward" concept, which is why you will see so many interviews and introductions here.  Everyone - you, me, other writers - deserves to be respected and helped wherever possible.  I admit I'm in an incredibly blessed position; I enjoy my job, and I don't need to write to make ends meet, so that enables me to write at my own pace without being concerned with rushing the next book out.  And it also means I can sacrifice some of that writing time to help out my fellow writers, which is what Finding Fiction Friday is all about.  Every Friday, you can come by here and be ready to meet a different author.  This will be in addition to our own news.  We will also have a links page, and character and book profile pages.  I truly hope you will enjoy your time here with us and will stop by again and often!

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