The Realmwalker Prophecy

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The Sixth Realm of the Prophecy: Setting:  What we know as the 18th century Caribbean.  Books:  Heart of the Mermaid.  Significant characters are listed below.

Lt Rudy MacTavish - Rudy is a sailor in the Royal Navy. Orphaned as a child, he joined a ship in England as soon as they would take him. That ship was taken by pirates and he was indoctrinated into that crew. Eventually, that pirate vessel was captured, but Rudy's life was spared by the future Commodore Albert Shaw. Rudy serves on the crew of one of his ships under letter of marque, and is required to do so until released from that bond. Even so, he advanced to third-in-command on his ship, the HMS Ursuline, because of his work ethic and unusual aptitude for unorthodox tactics.

Trish - Trish is a daughter of the Mer king, Mermis. She is betrothed to the merman Aaron, something which she is not really looking forward to. Her father sends her on a mission to a human ship to find a mysterious object before the humans realize what they have. Things don't work out quite how she planned.

Captain Remus Dagger - Dagger is the captain of the pirate ship Colossus. Scourge of the Caribbean, his seemingly invincible vessel is the terror of the seas. But is there more to this pirate than a simple desire for bounty?

Commodore Albert Shaw - Commodore Shaw commands a six-ship fleet patrolling the waters of the Caribbean on board his flagship, the HMS Haven. His main target is the pirate captain Remus Stryder. He is an unusual mixture of staunch naval tradition and social liberalism. He sees people's abilities regardless of background, and brings them into the fold as his own. He has several sons in the service, but only Sebastian sails with him in this fleet.

Captain Sebastian Shaw - He is the captain of the HMS Ursuline. He is a member of a familial line of Royal Navy members, including his father Commodore Albert Shaw. Captain Shaw is unusual in that he promotes a high level of discipline in his crew, but couples that with a certain familiarity and a more casual nature than is traditional. His crew includes first mate Joseph Theodore and Lieutenant Rudy MacTavish. The Ursuline's mission is to patrol the Caribbean to protect the outposts there from pirate raids.

Lt Jonathan Thunderwolf - Thunderwolf serves in the Royal Navy on board the flagship HMS Haven. Jonathan was rescued as an orphan child by then-lieutenant Albert Shaw after a skirmish in the Americas. Shaw had a strange propensity to see potential in those others would dismiss, and convinced his captain to take him back to England with them. He raised Jonathan with his sons. The boy showed an incredible instinct and aptitude for healing, which Shaw cultivated. As Shaw rose through the ranks of the Navy, he got Thunderwolf commissioned and kept him as part of his crew. The rank is what it is, but he is more valuable as the resident surgeon in the six-ship fleet that Commodore Shaw commands. As such, he is one of the few officers that Shaw permits to travel with his wife. Much of the crew has learned to look past his heritage and the privileges that Shaw has granted to him ... as he has saved many of their lives in the past.

Siana Thunderwolf - The wife of Lt Jonathan Thunderwolf, she is allowed to serve on the same ship, the HMS Haven, by Commodore Shaw. She is also the surgeon's assistant and has proven to be a capable sailor herself. She seems to have a knack for gauging the mood of the crew, just from observation. Some might almost call it empathic.

Saffire - She is the wife of the pirate Captain Remus Dagger, and she is completely ruthless. Some say even moreso than her husband. She does not tolerate incompetence or betrayal. Her skills and abilities are more than just swordplay and sailing. She will fight for what she feels is hers ... and most of the time, that's her man.

Mermis - The king of the Mer and the father of several children, including his daughter Trish. He treats his sons with high regard, but his daughters are almost an afterthought. Don't misinterpret, he loves them well enough, but he is a stern taskmaster over them and doesn't relate to them well. There is little, in Trish's experience, that he wouldn't do to advance his own agenda, and power. All Mer have some level of magical abilities, but his is surpassed by none of them.

Brigid - In the sixth Realm, she is the mermaid oracle to the Mer King, Mermis. She has been his advisor for centuries, although no one can seem to remember when she became so. She has taken a great interest in Mermis' daughter, Trish. Her ultimate motivations remain unknown.

The Seventh Realm of the Prophecy:  Setting:  What we know as the present day, in a world of the preternatural.  Books:  Tales of the Realms.  Significant characters are listed below.

The Only - In the seventh realm, there lives an extremely old and powerful entity known as "The Only". No one knows his real identity. When Trish washes up on his island after running from her father, he takes her in and protects her until she can stand on her own. Theirs is more of a brother/sister relationship, and they remain best friends to this day. But even Trish doesn't know his true past.

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